Babycakes By Janet


Babycakes for all tastes

A variety of Babycake flavors are offered to please all of your guests.  Specialty flavors around holidays and seasons will be offered at times.  

$4.00 per Babycake

$1.00 per Baby-bites

A delivery charge may apply ($5) if outside of the Kyle Plum Creek area. Let me know where to deliver or meet you.

Contact me if you are not finding your favorite flavor or have questions!


  • Tangy Orange
    Tangy Orange

    A tangy orange cream cake with fluffy orange icing topped with a slice of heavenly orange candy

  • Zesty Lemon
    Zesty Lemon

    A zesty lemon cream cake with fluffy lemon icing topped with a slice of heavenly lemon candy

  • Coconut Creme
    Coconut Creme

    A coconut crème cake with fluffy buttery cream cheese icing topped with pecans

  • Decadent Chocolate
    Decadent Chocolate

    A double chocolate cake with fluffy swiss chocolate icing topped with chocolates

  • Chocolate Cream
    Chocolate Cream

    A chocolatey cream cake with fluffy vanilla cream cheese icing topped with chocolate

  • Buttery Cream
    Buttery Cream

    A buttery cake with fluffy butter vanilla icing topped with fun

  • Strawberry Cream
    Strawberry Cream

    A strawberry cream cake with fluffy strawberry icing topped with fun

  • Confetti Fun
    Confetti Fun

    A buttery cake with fluffy butter vanilla icing sprinkled with confetti.

  • Neapolitan Delight
    Neapolitan Delight

    A buttery cake with a fluffy swirl of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry delight.

  • Minty Chocolate
    Minty Chocolate

    A minty chocolate cake with fluffy minty icing topped with chocolate mint candy

Order Your Babycakes by Janet

Plan your special occasion with me at least a week in advance.  

Large occasions should be scheduled in advance to ensure availability.

Get in touch with me at any time to plan and schedule.

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