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Janet Wyman


It’s so much fun to have a variety of “Babycake” flavors presented in a way that triggers the “ooh and aah – I want to try that one next”.  Give me the opportunity to make this happen at your next special occasion.


A “Babycake” is a single serving fluffy moist cake with a fluffy flavorful icing  to compliment the cake. Each babycake flavor has its own signature design and topping for a perfect presentation at your special occasion.

I am a 7th generation native Texan and lifelong South Austinite, coming from a large family of bakers and cake decorators. I decided to started down the path of baking and decorating decadent cakes for my friends and family about 40 years ago, taking a page from my grandmother’s and mother’s natural baking and decorating skills.  

It’s always been a wonderful feeling to see a childs face light up when they see their special cake. It’s also fulfilling to see looks and sounds of enjoyment at baby showers, bridal showers, retirements, weddings and other special occasions as they bite in to one of my cakes… melts my heart.

I have worked hard over the years to improve and grow my cake followers.  And after 40 years, I found it is time to narrow my focus on what my cake followers seem to love the most… savory flavors and presentation…..  And out of this came “Babycakes by Janet”.

My ideal customer is a “passer-byer” or “regular” customer that appreciates and enjoys the value in unique decadent and savory babycakes for any occasion becoming a long-term customer.

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